Ar 15 parts

When it comes to your ar 15, weather your looking to build your first ar 15, or building an ar 15 pistol, or even your looking for ar 15 tactical accessories there are some must haves. When it comes to some ar 15 accessories there are this list that I have published here have really come to help me out, when I was first starting out, and even now as a little more experienced shooter.  So weather its ar 15 sights, ar 15 parts and accessories, or your just looking to build up  your ar 15 parts list here is a short list of my recommendation’s.


UTG Tactical OP Bipod, Rubber Feet, Center Height 8.3″-12.7″

Love the quality!

I love the quality of this product. Not only was I impressed with the aluminum construction and steel top platform, I also loved that it was completely adjustable depending on the circumstance that I needed it for. It was super easy to install (I literally had everything up and running within minutes) and it was a super solid platform once I started to use it. It’s sturdy and strong, and gives me everything I need in one lightweight item. I’ve already taken it to the range and I was super impressed with how it performed right out of the gate – there were no issues at all, and someone even asked me where I got this from. I purchased this from Amazon and was a little bit hesitant at first, but I’m so glad I did. Shipping was quick and I would purchase this product again in a heartbeat.

At 19.6 x 16 x 8.9 cm and just 500 grams, it’s the ideal size – and I was impressed that it even included dual mounts. I also agree with other reviewers – the price point is great, and the quality is even more impressive. I’m not sure I could find a better product on Amazon.

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Transition BUIS Backup Iron Sight;

The best product I could find on Amazon.

Love this item. I have gone to the range to check on the product’s alignment, and everything fits nice and tight. It slips under my low mount scope very well. This product is solid aluminum with a black oxide finish, and I bet you won’t even know how to scratch it. I read a few reviews on here that some users even tried to scratch the product (who would do that?) and it was virtually not possible. For someone like me who tends to carry things everywhere, not always being aware of possible scratching surfaces, this benefit is huge.

Because it’s machined from durable aluminum, it’s also super lightweight – so I can bring it anywhere with me and almost not know it’s there. I love that it has RTS – rapid transition sights – meaning that it can provide shooters with the quickest transition possible. For me, that’s a huge bonus because I’m trying to increase my efficiency every time I head to the range.

Just like other reviewers stated, I love the sighting system that this product has. It’s super functional – providing a quick transition from red dots to iron sights in an instant. It’s also low profile and super solid. Overall, I would recommend this product time and time again. I’ve had it for two months already and I don’t see any negative downside or issues that I would be concerned about.

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Caldwell Pic Rail Brass Catcher;

I defiantly would buy this again!

5 stars across the board and I’m proud to be one of them. I love that I can add this spare mount to additional guns, and quickly move the product from product to product super easily and efficiently. The brass catchers are totally the real deal. They work properly and absolutely stay in place (I haven’t had an issue yet). As one user said, if you already have a brass catcher all you need to do is just buy this spare mount and move the brass catcher from one firearm to the other; it’s super functional and you won’t go wrong.

It mounts to any AR-15 rifle with a flat top and when I read that on Amazon I was super impressed at the functionality of this device. It was super easy to use and I was able to set everything up within minutes.

Some people on Amazon have said that this is on the pricier side, but to be honest you completely get what you pay for. It’s a fantastic product and arrived exactly as described.

I would buy this again in a heartbeat. I recommend buying this on Amazon because shipping was super quick and everything arrived in-tact and without issue.

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UTG Model 4/16 Complete Match-grade Rear Sight;

I Loved this product!

I loved how this item improved my sight pictures and shooting accuracy. The first time I entered the shooting range, I noticed a difference immediately. With the steel and aluminum construction (I also loved the matte finish) it was pretty much the best looking device I could find on the market.

I also loved that this device was so versatile. It had so many applications. I used the rapid target acquisition aperture the most (talk about accuracy).

The device also comes with a mounting deck and a locking retention thumb nut, which was another great bonus. I didn’t realize that it came with this, so it was a really nice surprise when it came out of the box. Not sure if others realized as well.

Other reviewers were worried about the quality, but I didn’t see any issues in quality at all. Right out of the box I was so impressed with the quality of this product.

The finish of this product as a bit more sheen than your average ‘matte’ product, which I really enjoyed, but it’s not for everyone, so make sure you are comfortable with this on the product.

Overall, I was so impressed with this item and I would totally purchase it again. No issues at all. I’ll be making my next order soon.

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Magpul Gen 2 front backup sight MBUS;

“Wow” is all I can say about this product.

I purchased this item on Amazon. I have this mounted on my gun already; they’re both super tough even though they’re polymer. The best part of this product (that I love) is that it weighs nearly next to nothing. It’s so easy to mount and I had to put in literally zero effort to set-up and maintain.

It’s super accurate if the battery is in the red dot. Everyone on Amazon loves how great of a sight this product provides, which is also something I love.

It’s made in the USA (awesome) so I was super comfortable purchasing an American based product. I was happy that I was supporting a National brand and manufacturer, so I felt comfortable making this purchase – and I absolutely would again.

I was hesitant to purchase this item off Amazon because I was inclined to try it before I purchase, though I’m certainly glad I didn’t. It’s such a tough product with a quick release and so easy to install. I love it!!

One note: It’s adjustable for elevation and fits most 1913 Picatinny-railed hand guards, so if you’re purchasing for your unique device, FYI.

Have fun at the range next take you take this for a spin. You definitely won’t regret it.

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Magpul Gen 2 MBUS Rear Flip Sight, Black

Totally reliable!

Love this. I’ve been running flip sights on my other rifle for a long, long time and although it’s been okay, there are a few drawbacks.

This totally fixes that. It’s absolutely perfect. With the sight screen, it totally screams quality on my rifle now. I need a quick deploy and this was absolutely the best product I could find.

For my usage, I couldn’t imagine a better device. I read a few product reviews saying that this was “cheap” and it totally isn’t – it’s built like an absolute tank and I totally prefer this to anything I’ve ever used before.

I LOVE that it’s made in the USA and is made of impact resistant polymer construction. It makes me feel safe and secure knowing that I made the best choice possible. And I know that I did.

If you need a flip up near sight and are considering this product, just do it.

It’s adjustable for elevation and fits most 1913 Picatinny-railed hand guards perfectly, so I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

If you’re worried about purchasing a product online, don’t fret. This is the best purchase you could make. I bought it off Amazon and I don’t regret it. I would purchase this again and again and again…

If you would like to buy this just simply click on the picture!